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What our Families have said about the program. 

Nadine G

Our oldest child has been in this program for 7 months and it has been fantastic in all aspects - we couldn't ask for more. Our child's development, confidence and social skills have grown immensely and I know it's because of the environment and kind atmosphere that  Play Makers works hard to create.  I greatly appreciate the mix of ages within the classes and that time is spent 50/50 indoors and outdoors. The program and classroom have also been a wonderful set up for my child as the play and learning is largely self directed with plenty of options for her to engage in. We are eager to have our youngest attend come the fall. Mike and Tara truly foster an environment for building friendships and caring for others just as much as they do for learning and exploring! We can't recommend this program enough!

Ellen C

I have had both my little ones with Ms. Tara and Mr. Mike for probably 3 years now and couldn’t think of a better preschool for them. I have tried one other preschool and it was ok.  
Ms. Tara and Mr. Mike’s knowledge, compassion, love for the children and activities they provide are always right on track with my kids needs. The are super accommodating with my children diets and wishes for healthy food choices and I just love that they value outdoor time just as much as I do. They have also helped my daughter overcome her screaming fits and are able to accommodate my kindergarten son with extra learning that he is needing outside of regular school. 
I’m beyond grateful for having them in my children’s lives! 

Mathilde V

Our child has been attending Playmakers for more than a year. His confidence and language skills improved beautifully! The program is fantastic with its focus on play and individual interests. I love that they spend lots of time outdoors, with access to a safe forest area. Thank you Playmakers team for your dedication and care!

Sarah K

Wonderful program! Built my daughter's academic and language skills and, especially appreciated by us, her self confidence to help her thrive in kindergarten. Safe environment to build skills to prepare her for life.

Kati K

We LOVE playmakers! Since starting the program my 3.5 year old has come leaps and bounds in her social skills and vocabulary. She loves her teachers, loves her peers and just adores going to school. 
She has become such an outgoing happy little Miss and in the midst of all the restrictions of the pandemic this has been quite the blessing for all of us!! I highly recommend Playmakers, I feel like my daughter is safe, happy and well cared for while there. 

Sandra S

We love this program! Our son has been going since last fall. The teachers have put a lot of effort into making a quality program. Their passion is evident in their love and excitement for the kids.


It's a research based approach to encourage learning through play. We are very thankful we found this program and would wholeheartedly recommend! 

Max G

My son has been going to Playmakers Woodbine since it opened and there aren't enough words to describe how wonderful they are. They have helped my son's social, language and academic skills soar.

Mike and Tara are great with updates, fun activities, safety, cleanliness and ensuring the kids have fun. My younger son will be starting in the fall and my daughter soon after.


Highly recommend Playmakers to all my friends! 

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