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At Play Makers we believe....

 All children are natural and capable learners who actively pursue their own learning.

Children have the innate ability to build knowledge organically through hands-on play opportunities which are driven by their interests, curiosities, and explorations.

Children build on, or scaffold their development in all areas, at their own individual pace, learning from both the successes they gain and challenges they face, while at play.

It is crucial that children have opportunities for play in environments both indoors and outdoors.

Opportunities for explorative group play with peers is the essential to progress in all areas of development (Physical, Intellectual, Language, Emotional, Social).

 If children feel secure and respected, they will actively share their knowledge and challenge their abilities.

Rote teaching methods, worksheets, pre-set lessons and testing at preschool age puts limits on a child’s natural developmental progression.


Drawing Face

We then....

Kids in Preschool

Work to create a supportive, and responsive environment, where children feel valued, and capable in their own learning experiences.


Create challenging, thought-provoking, and engaging hands-on play opportunities using the unique interests and abilities of each child, and each group of children.


Build on emerging skills, encouraging each child to progress at their own developmental pace, and to their fullest potential through play.

Offer children equal opportunities for explorative and experimental play, both indoors and outdoors.

Keep class sizes small (16 maximum) and child/facilitator ratios high (1:8), allowing facilitators to truly engage, and naturally observe all children in the program.

Create effective learning experiences where children, using a hands-on play approach, build a solid developmental foundation, without the use of rote teaching, worksheets, pre-set lessons or testing.

Offer children the ability to engage at a pace that is right for them and their families, by offering programing in shorter sessions, rather than a full school term. Allowing families, the choice on what sessions work for them and their children.  

Indoor Play 


Our indoor play space is set up with young bodies and intellects in mind. All areas are created at child level to provoke interest, and fully accessible, allowing children to explore and engage freely without barriers. Although our environment, materials and activities are ever evolving, the basic classroom layout and structure is kept intact to encourage self directed and consistent child involvement

Outdoor Play 


We are fortunate to have wonderful outdoor play environments at our doorstep! From forest to field, we offer children interesting, and open opportunities for play in nature and in almost all weather conditions. Children are able to freely experience the outdoors, and the wonder it brings without many barriers. We provide the materials and the children provide the play!



Play Makers understands that as a parent, you want the very best for your child. Which is why we ensure our program leaders are fully certified, knowledgeable and experienced in Early Childhood Development, hold current Child First Aid/CPR and have undergone a Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Search.

What our families say about our educators....

Tara has a down-to earth, personable nature and a remarkable, heartwarming, child-centered approach to teaching children. 

Scott M 

"The children are encouraged to share their uniqueness, interests and skills with their peers and parents. Social, intellectual, creative, physical and emotional needs of the children are facilitated by Ms. Tara and Mr. Mike." 

E Smith 

Mike is warm, engaging and outgoing.  He is respectful, patient and kind to the children and always contributes meaningfully to their activities and care in general.

Jen M 

"Mike and Tara truly foster an environment for building friendships and caring for others just as much as they do for learning and exploring!"

Nadine G

"Mike and Tara are great with updates, fun activities, safety, cleanliness and ensuring the kids have fun." 

Max G

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